Capabilities - Planning


Complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System - (Vantage by Epicor)

  • Built in workflow processes fully integrates the entire order cycle: Estimating - Planning - Sourcing & Procuring - Quality - Financial
  • Integration allows for quotes with reliable cost and time estimates and immediate generation of orders and jobs that decreases lead time and increases throughput; Streamline with Production ready Quotes


Job Management Module (Scheduling & Capacity)

  • Order to Job Linking for consistent and aligned demands
  • Forward and Backward Scheduling Capability
  • “What If” Scheduling for proposed scenario changes
  • Load Reports and Overload Informer for instant constraint identification
  • Visual Scheduling Board and Capacity/Load Graphs


  • Customer demand (Portal, Purchase Order, etc.) – 18 month outlook downloaded
  • Pegasus Order Created with p/n, quantity & need date that are verified by Master Planners - this creates normal demand in ERP system     
  • MRP runs automatically pulling demand from Order Entry and engineered methods from Engineering Work Bench – job is scheduled to create material demands & need dates   
  • Using Material Time Phase Report, material demands are filled using inventory or by placing a Pegasus P.O. to supplier with need date
  • Any material deliveries expected outside of need date are communicated back to planning for rescheduling and if rescheduling puts job completion date beyond customer need then communication back to customer via portal updates or verbal/email
  • Value Stream Mapped 100% of up front processes in 1st Quarter 2008 to remove waste         
  • Current process for engineered parts (processed & modeled)
  • Process Flow Chart with swim lanes of responsibility
  • Process includes review of engineered methods and lead times by Engineering & Manufacturing using standard check list
  • Process includes contract review and preparation of quality requirements by Quality Manager
  • “Closed loop” process and performance review by  Engineering, Manufacturing & Planning upon job completion to update standards & lead times based on performance


These concepts utilized in scheduling and shop floor control

  • Process and Product Oriented Cellular Manufacturing
  • Throughput requirements and controls tracked daily based on TakT times controls based on TakT Times  
  • Visual Factory controls employed throughout the shop for inventory and work flow control         
  • KanBans and Supermarkets used at strategic points to smooth material flow to outside operations and customers


Flow diagram of components of Pegasus ERP systemFlow diagram of components of Pegasus ERP system
ERP Work Center load chart for tube/pipe bending flow lineERP Work Center load chart for tube/pipe bending flow line
ERP scheduling board for tube/pipe bending flow lineERP scheduling board for tube/pipe bending flow line