Our Strategy - How Pegasus builds a stable and strong business

To support our continuing Lean Journey and our drive to industry leading performance across the entire company we recognize the need to better align and focus our efforts.

The opportunities to win over our customers are substantial - we need to keep proving ourselves by being faster, more flexible and accurate at what we do.

The Answer...

In continuing to improve our execution, speed and quality, we have adopted two important business strategies that impact the way we work, run and manage our business.

They are: Lean Enterprise Transformation and Hoshin Kanari (Policy deployment).

Adopt a simple management process and discipline

Hoshin Kanari (Policy deployment) is an effective leadership process that links and aligns all key activities in the company to achieve our goals and objectives.

Using policy deployment, we can better focus our efforts on the “Must do - Can’t fail” initiatives (called Hoshins) that we need to grow and strengthen our business.

It also shows clearly our priorities and as well as the efforts we are holding in the parking lot (stop doing) for future consideration.



Daily production stand up meeting – President Chris DiPentima (right) picturedDaily production stand up meeting – President Chris DiPentima (right) pictured
Process mapping to determine ideal part families to utilize in developing optimal cells
Kaisen Team developing current state map for Fabrication Value Stream Mapping
Future State Map with gap opportunities identified from Value Stream Mapping of Pre-Kit Cell