Core Speciality - Precision Machining

Another core speciality of Pegasus Manufacturing is close tolerance precision machining, milling, turning, and gearing for components and assemblies used in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Machining of raw materials range from exotic super hi-temp alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to castings and forgings. Manufacturing practices apply a combination of 3,4, and 5 axis highly capable machines, continual process improvements and skilled operators to meet growing industry challenges.

  • Complex machined components include vast internal disciplines with customer engineered finishes & coatings.
    Product Description: Nut Assembly
    End use: Advanced Military Jet Engine
  • Complicated assemblies include diverse manufacturing processes with strict adherence to customer specified special testing& finishes.
    Product Description: Chain Assembly – Weapons Loading End Use: Virginia Class Submarine – Weapons Handling Module
  • Small to mid size intricate components consisting of tight tolerance combined with special processes for unique customer applications
    Product Description: Splined Mechanical Shaft
    End Use: Aircraft Air Handling System – Commercial Passenger Aircraft
  • Large machining & assembly including weldments. Low volume diverse capability allows value added manufacturing on top level assemblies.
    Product Description: Armament Storage
    End Use: Classified
  • Significant, secondary operations allow Pegasus to internally maintain critical features on high level assemblies
  • Critical, state of art inspection systems streamline accurate dimensional data expeditiously so customer requirements and deliveries are held to the highest requirements
  • Engineering utilizes the most advance programming and part process development to ensure lean, efficient processes continuously support each product being manufactured
  • Integrated MRP assurances customer schedule demands and changes are recognized real-time


4th axis machining of disc & shaft assembly utilized in Pratt & Whitney Canada turbo prop engine4th axis machining of disc & shaft assembly utilized in Pratt & Whitney Canada turbo prop engine
80"x40" Haas Vertical Milling Center with 5th axis