With the shorter time period between cycles of down turns and ramp ups that are the new normal in the manufacturing industry due to the number of new program introductions and schedule adjustments, Pegasus will continue to work very aggressively on reducing total throughput lead time by:

  • investing to bring in house critical processes & capabilities and
  • work with its global supply chain via value stream mapping, implementation of kanban/pull systems, etc. for seamless integration into the Pegasus’ processes thereby eliminating the normal move and que time that accompanies outside special processes. 

Pegasus’ strategy incorporating continuous improvement principles as well as the 15+ acres available for facility expansion have allowed for nearly $4 million in capital investments from 2009 - 2012 and will continue to provide the opportunity to evaluate all manufacturing processes needed to support the aerospace, defense, power generation and commercial markets, as well as any new markets that Pegasus elects to support in the future, and determine whether investment is necessary to ensure the customer’s needs for cost, quality, delivery and overall partnership services are met and exceeded. We look forward to the next 25 years of investments and growth!




Pegasus under 1” diameter tube/pipe bending flow linePegasus under 1" diameter tube/pipe bending flow line
Plans for Pegasus Future Expansion
Aerial view of Pegasus facility with planned expansion